K-9 Expert


Mahigun Bogiatto, former instructor and guide of the special K9 units of the Italian National Police.

Service awards, special intervention specializations of the Police , took part as the security detail for the Pope Benedetto and for the former President of the State of Israel.

By providing oversight of the signing of the European treaties in 2003, he received various acknowledgments and recognitions.

Instructor and professional trainer recognized and accredited by the Training and Improvement Division of the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, he worked with the Florida State Police and manatee county, and law enforcement officers.

He is also a United Nations consultant in Unit k-9.

He has participated in numerous television programs in Italy collaborating with people of the caliber such as Aldo La Spina, director of medical detection dogs based in Milan, and Edoardo Stoppa, national television personality of the European Dog Center.

Former professor at the E-Campus University, Faculty of Criminology in Rome he was also the head of the team on animal welfare at Expo Milano 2015.

Interviewed by the famous italian entrepreneur Giacomo Catalani in his prestigious "", he has published two books to his credit, "The Wings of the Wolf" and "The Pack System".

Co-founder of the "Pack System" with his wife Medreka Ribero, method base on identification an simulation of canine related behaviour to improve human and animal performance.


"The pack system. System of the pack of wolves" was born from an intuition and a long research and development work conducted by Mahigun Bogiatto and Medreka Ribero, which opens the doors to a new branch of psychology, in the declination of behavioral sciences, anthropology, sociological analysis with the support of ethology.

The foundations at the base of the system are of a behavioral nature, the study of the "wolf pack" applied to human beings, provides very exhaustive indications and answers on the ways of interaction and on the unconscious dynamics which naturally tend to occur in any "wolf pack. people".

The information collected through a precise reading of the experience, responds precisely to the needs of companies and sports teams, to identify dysfunctional latent patterns, a tendency to dis-collaboration, any self-sabotage and hidden difficulties in stress management. At the same time, they are helpful in identifying unspoken areas of talent.


An almost magical journey to discover, or perhaps rediscover, what we human beings have lost: contact with nature. Mahigun and Medreka through their style and way of life, have combined passion and work in an amalgam, through the help of their animal life companions and following the teachings of the pack of wolves.


Mahigun Bogiatto at work with different dogs. Most of them are dogs used in K9 police units in different countries.